Two more long paintings

I have recently finished 2 more long paintings for the RI annual show this year (25 March 2015 to 11 April 2015 at the Mall galleries, London).

Nine scissors  -  39 x 96.5cm

Nine scissors   35 x 96cm

A sharp painting – again the subject determined the background.  I never realised how many scissors were hiding away around my house.  Inherited, acquired, found.  The orange-handled ones had spent about 4 years in my compost heap!  The large wallpaper scissors belonged to my mother-in-law. The elegant ones on the far left belonged to my mother…….. years of use and history in everyday objects.

Bits  -  36 x 96cm

Bits    34 x 96cm

I live next door to a riding stables. I had no idea how many ‘bits’ there were, all with different uses depending on the size and temperament of a horse. Rather like previous paintings involving metal scaffold clips (see Gallery / Cross series) there is something rather sinister about these metal forms and I was captivated by the shadows and sense of movement that they conveyed.