Getting attached

23 November 2021

It is inevitable that artists get attached to their work as they invest so much in it. For all sorts of reasons, we don’t necessarily get attached to everything to the same degree. They are all important of course because that’s why we did them – they struck a chord which we needed to record.

There are some paintings that stick in my mind – some that have sold and a few that I decided to keep.  Whatever ‘it’ is, ‘it’ is in the eye of the beholder so what sticks with me is totally personal and often a mystery.

So below are the are ones that I still remember well.  I haven’t included commissions although some have meant a great deal to me. There isn’t a common theme – there is landscape, still life and architecture. Some are from a while ago, some more recent.  Some are still with me and some left long ago – I haven’t forgotten them…….


Blue door, Marrakech 32 x 49cm

Rain 46 x 70cm

Three pears 32 x 41cm

Birds and beasts 30 x 95cm

Birds and beasts 30 x 95cm

Yellow door, Wroclaw  30 x 47cm

Canal bank 45 x 63cm 

Broken chair 54 x 44cm 

Fen smoke  35 x 59cm

Bedside 33 x 41.5cm

Bedside 33 x 41cm

Pile of pillows 33 x 41.5cm watercolour by Lillias August©

Pile of pillows 33 x 41cm

Burnt out 52 x 54cm

Decommissioned 35 x 93cm

Decommissioned 35 x 93cm