A quote from John Ruskin sums up my thoughts about what I do far better than I ever could  – “There is a strong instinct in me, which I cannot analyse, to draw and describe the things I love – not for reputation, nor for the good of others…. but a sort of instinct, like that for eating and drinking”  John Ruskin, letter to his father, 2 June 1852.

I want to honour the things I’m painting. They absorb me and, however mundane they may seem, I want to give them an opportunity to speak and be valued – to re-present them. Most things have some sort of personal resonance or connotation. Like smell or sound, they’ll evoke different feelings and memories in each of us.

Painting my local fenland landscape has influenced my still life – it’s flat and unpretentious with everything laid out in front of you. The objects that I paint are ordinary everyday things. Painting them close up and often in multiples, is a way of concentrating directly on them with no distraction – a way of forcing observation as if they were in a museum.

My working method is not immediate – there’s a lot of planning. I use a restricted palette and work on a painting as a whole, gradually building up tone and colour and moving from large washes to more detailed structure until I achieve the sculptural quality that I want.



Goldsmiths College, London, Fine Art

Birmingham University, History of Art and Design


Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours (RI)

Hon. Member Institute of East Anglian Artists (IEA)

Patron of Society of East Anglian Watercolourists (SEAW)

RI Honorary Secretary 2014 -2023

RI Council member 2014 – 2024


Suffolk Cathedral Millennium Project – Project Artist during the building of the tower and vaulted ceiling at St Edmundsbury Cathedral (2000 -2010)

‘Cross’ toured to Ely, Peterborough and Lincoln Cathedrals and to Southwell Minster with Arts Council grants (2005 – 6)


2020   Baohong Artists’ Watercolour Prize, RI

2019   Megan Fitzoliver Brush Award, RI

2019   Escoda Barcelona Award, RI

2017   Dry red Press Award, RI

2010   St Cuthbert’s Paper Mill Prize, RI

2006   Frank Herring Prize, RI

2005   Countryman Prize, RI

2002   St Cuthbert’s Paper Mill Prize, RI

1998   The Laing Exhbition – Regional Prizewinner


Colour demystified by Julie Collins – featured artist ‘The artist’s palette’

Millennium Tower, Lillias August  ISBN 0-9550371-1-5

Vaulted Ceiling, Lillias August      ISBN 0-9550371-2-2

Mall Galleries RI 2020 – The Baohong Artists’ Watercolour Paper Prize for a Member

Talking beautiful stuff  2019 – blog about Lillias’ work

Making a mark   RI 2019 –  2  Awards – Katherine Tyrrell’s blog including a review of Lillias’ work and prize

Making a mark – Sunday Times Competition 2017 – Katherine Tyrrell’s blog including review of Lillias’ bed paintings

Watercolour Artist   USA  2012 – featured artist by Ken Gofton

Artists and Illustrators magazine – Special 300th Edition – June 2011 ‘Talking Techniques’

East Anglian Daily Times – December 4th 2010

L’Art de L’Aquarelle – December 2010 (English edition)  – featured artist (this article is the copyright of Diverti Editions and is reproduced with kind permission)