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Owl and heron 22.5 x 45cm

Owl and heron

watercolour 22.5 x 45cm

Price: £780

Lock, unlock 17 x 33cm

Lock, unlock

watercolour 17 x 33cm

Price: £700

Four onions 26.5 x 47.5cm

Four onions

watercolour 26.5 x 47.5cm

Price: £850

Rape strip 29.5 x 63cm

Rape strip

watercolour 29.5 x 63cm

Price: £1400

Beetroot 32.5 x 48.5cm


watercolour 32.5  x 48.5cm

Price: SOLD

Egg box 26.5 x 37.5cm


watercolour 26.5 x 37.5cm

Price: SOLD

Gardening gloves 31.5 x 93cm

Gardening gloves

watercolour 31.5 x 93cm

Price: £2800

Old trainers 37 x 96cm

Old trainers

watercolour 37 x 96cm

Price: £2900

Five hanging bottles 46 x 56cm

Five hanging bottles

watercolour  46 x 56cm

Price: £1200

On the edge

watercolour 32 x 19cm

Price: £800

The tulips are over 37 x 58cm

The tulips are over

32 x 19cm.

Price: £1200

Winter's nest 29 x 26cm

Winter’s nest

watercolour 29 x 26cm

Price: £800

Dried protea 40.5 x 55cm

Dried protea

watercolour 40.5 x 55m

Price: SOLD

Poppy heads 40.5 x 55cm

Poppy heads

watercolour 40.5 x 55cm

Price: SOLD

Lost Connection 81 x 27cm

Lost connection

watercolour 81 x 27cm

Price: £2600

Nine Roman bottles 23.5 x 73cm

Nine Roman bottle

watercolour 23.5 x 73cm


Sink 23.5 x 28cm


watercolour 23 x 28cm

Price: SOLD

Burnt Out 52 x 54cm

Burnt out

watercolour 52 x 54cm

Price: £850 (unframed)

Reed edge 29.5 x 63cm

Reed Edge

29.5 x 63cm.

Price: SOLD

Birch copse 51 x 70cm

Birch copse

watercolour 51 x 70cm

Price: £1800

Snow lines II 33 x 44cm

Snow lines II

watercolour 33 x 44cm

Price: SOLD

Treeline clouds 20.5 x 22.5cm

Treeline clouds

watercolour 20.5 x 22.5cm

Price: £520

Boundary wood 20.5 x 22.5cm

Boundary wood

watercolour 20.5 x 22.5cm

Price: £520

Low tide, Blackfriars Bridge 25 x 29cm

Low tide, Blackfriars bridge, London

watercolour 23 x 29 cm

Price: £700

Shallow waters 24.5 x 41.5cm

Shallow waters

watercolour 24 x 41cm

Price: £850

Puddles 19.5 x 32cm


watercolour 19.5 x 32cm

Price: £640

Night factory 24.5 x 41cm

Night factory

watercolour 24.5 x 41cm

Price: £800

Ridge light 25 x 43cm

Ridge light

watercolour 24 x 43cm

Price: £750

Messy feathers 17.5 x 51cm

Messy feathers

watercolour  17.5 x 51cm

Price: SOLD

Stable life 21 x 58cm

Stable life

watercolour 21 x 58cm

Price: SOLD

Decommissioned 35 x 93cm


watercolour 35 x 93cm

Price: £2900

Amnesty 41 x 96cm


watercolour 41 x 96cm

Price: £2750

Five broken shells 9 x 33.5cm

Five broken shells

watercolour 9 x 33.5cm

Price: SOLD

Disconnected 32 x 22 Pencil and wash


Pencil and wash  32 x 22cm

Price: £580

Paint pot 29 x 26cm

Paint pot

watercolour 29 x 26cm

Price: £800

Skip 44 x 52cm


watercolour 44 x 52cm

Price: £800 (unframed)

Across the reeds 22 x 43cm

Across the reeds

watercolour 22 x 43cm

Price: £750

Oak ridge 18.5 x 35cm

Oak ridge

watercolour 18.5 x 35cm

Price: £700

Pile of pillows 33 x 41.5cm watercolour by Lillias August©

Pile of pillows

watercolour 33 x 41.5cm

Price: SOLD

Yellow tape, Wroclaw 33 x 50cm

Yellow tape, Wroclaw

watercolour 33 x 50cm

Price: £750