Making connections

..between still life, landscape and architecture ….

“Despise not trifles, though they small appear.  Sands rise to mountains, moments make the year and trifles life.  Your time to trifles give or you may die before you learn to live.”  Daniel Sutton, an 18th century scientist.

Hanging by a thread 30 x 90cm

‘Hanging by a thread’ – new limited edition of 20 prints for sale – for more information click here.

14 November 2017

As mentioned in my previous blogs, my still life painting often depicts rows of everyday objects laid out as if for inspection and I am sure that this analytical approach has been influenced by painting my local fenland landscape.  I also think that having spent time closely following the construction of a cathedral tower, I began to appreciate the smaller things that played an important role in the greater scheme of things but often went unseen and unappreciated.  My mother always supported the underdog – perhaps I do too!

I’ve said this before – I find these everyday objects quietly evocative – they seem both intimate and worldly.  They seem to be trying to convey something more than their everyday purpose.

These lightbulbs came from many different places and most of them are now redundant having lain in my brother-in-law’s cupboards for years!  From a technical point of view, the varying shapes and opacity fascinated me and the more I looked, the more subtle variations I could see.  The surrounding backgrounds, shadows, reflections etc.  are essential in describing the essence of the objects themselves.